Birchfield Woods Cluster Association

Resale Disclosure Documents

If you a selling your home, the Virginia Property Owner's Association Act requires you to provide the purchaser of the home with a Resale Disclosure Packet from the BWCA and from Reston Association. Each of these packets can take up to 14 days to prepare, so it is best to order them when you first decide to sell your house. If you do not do this, the purchaser can cancel the contract and receive his or her deposit back. There is a fee required to obtain each of these packets.

Order the Reston Association and BWCA Resale Disclosure Packet online at:
Reston Association or Birchfield Woods. If you have any questions or problems ordering the packet, please contact GHA Community Management.

The required disclosure information includes a report of any amounts owed to the association, so it must be ordered and prepared for each homeowner. The Resale Disclosure Packet contains these items: