Birchfield Woods Cluster Association


Financial management services, such as the billing and collection of assessments, is provided by
GHA Community Management

  • Payments
    Birchfield Woods Cluster Association
    c/o GHA Community Management
    P.O. Box 105007
    Atlanta,GA 30348-5007

  • Questions & Written Correspondence to BWCA
    Birchfield Woods Cluster Association
    c/o GHA Community Management
    3020 Hamaker Court #300
    Fairfax, VA 22031
    Phone: (703) 752-8300
    Fax: (703) 876-9594

  • Assessment Information:
    • Pay electronically. You can make either a one-time payment or set up recurring payments.
      Use "Birchfield Woods Cluster" as the Association Name when signing up. The Cluster has been informed this method of payment likely needs to renewed on a yearly basis. Alternatively, you may set up automatic withdrawals directly through GHA. This does not need to be renewed yearly. The form to set up this method can be accessed here.
    • Set by the entire membership of the BWCA at each annual meeting, which is usually held at the beginning of April each year. The Board of Directors prepares a proposed budget based on prior years' expenses and anticipated future needs. This proposal can be, and usually is, modified before it is approved by the membership as a whole.
    • BWCA Assessments are separate from and in addition to the Reston Association Assessment. All BWCA homeowners must pay both. As reported by the Reston Association Cluster Survey, assessments for BWCA have historically been below the average for a Reston Cluster Association. (view chart).